Wednesday, August 31st, 2022
1432--174 Labenberg Road, North Union Twp. for Tree on Wires. U/R: 1910
Tuesday, August 30th, 2022
0534--1394 Tomhicken Road, Black Creek Twp. for an MVA with minor injuries. Vehicle vs pole. U/R: 1910, 1960, Sugarloaf EMS
Monday, August 29th, 2022
1345--720 Valley View Drive, Hazle Twp. section of Eagle Rock for an AFA. U/R: 1910, Hazle Engine 2, 910(cx)
Saturday, August 20th, 2022
0851--6 Driftwood Circle, East Union Twp. for an AFA. U/R: 1920
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022
We held an open house and housing today for 1910 & 1940. We would like to thank all of the area departments and citizens that attended and supported the event!
Saturday, August 20th, 2022
in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Game Commission we sponsored a hunters safety course that saw 40 students in attendance.
Saturday, January 15th, 2022
2021 video!
Friday, December 3rd, 2021
The lettering was completed on 1910 by Reidler Decal who once again did a fantastic job. The engine is about 95% complete. Once it's complete with the addition of the new equipment we purchased, w...
About us

The Nuremberg-Weston Volunteer Fire Company proudly protects 3500 people living in an area of 50 square miles. We operate out of one station that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status. We currently have 35 active volunteers which protect the residents and businesses of North Union Township located in Schuylkill County and Black Creek Township which is located in Luzerne County. The Nuremberg-Weston Volunteer Fire Company was formed in 1986 when the Nuremberg Volunteer Fire Company and Weston Volunteer Company decided to merge together to better protect the residence's and businesses. From 1986 to 1991 we operated out of 2 stations. In 1991 we moved into our new home which was built at a cost of $325,000. In 1984 a survey of 108 Weston residents and 94 Nuremberg residents indicated 94 favored the merger, 12 opposed it and 2 were undecided. The two companies had been working together for 5 years prior to the merger. The Nuremberg Fire Company was first formed in 1934, they had purchased 5 hand drawn pieces of apparatus. These units were placed threwout the North Union Twp. Area, it's been told 2 were double chemical tanks and 3 were single. One of these are left today which is on display at the Schuylkill County Historical Society located in Shenadoah. The location of the other four still remain a mystery? The first motorized piece of fire apparatus for a 1947 dodge engine. In 1969 the company had purchased the 1969 international this vehicle had a John Beam High pressure pump on it, in the mid 80's the engine was sent to Hale to have a 1000gpm pump installed. this vehicle had served the area well until 2001 when we purchased the Pierce. In 1977 the 2nd engine was purchased which replaced the dodge, this was the 1977 Ford/E-one, This vehicle was used until the mid 80's when it was sold back to a company in Florida. They also purchased a 1961 dodge tanker in the 80's which do to a lack of room at the station was kept in a local barn. These vehicle was rechassised in 1990 with the 1974 Ford Chassis. the 1947 Dodge was to a local resident which still has the vehicle today. The Weston Fire Company was formed around 1936 and had it's periods of being active and inactive. In 1975 after the station was inactive for many years they reorganized. Weston's first piece of apparatus was an old Ford White tanker which was in the 50's and an old utility. After the reorganization they had purchased a 1952 ford open cab engine with a 500gpm from the nearby Sheppton-Oneida Fire Company. Also purchased in the late 70's was a 1957 B model Mack from the Coal Township Fire Department and a 1970 Mack Tanker was also purchased with a 3500 gallon steel tank. The tank was replaced in the 1980's with a 3000 gallon tank.After the tank was replaced the tanker had to be moved to the Nuremberg Station because it wouldn't fit, the dodge tanker was then moved to the Weston station. All three vehicles and extensive work done to them by the members of the Weston Vol. fire Co. All the vehicles were painted with Weston's unusual colors of forest green/lime yellow. In 1984 the 1975 1000gpm American Lafrance was purchased from the American Hose Company in Pottsville. This engine replace the 1952 ford. The station floor had to be redone to accommodate the new engine. We moved into the new centrally located station in 1991 and after several years of rebuilding our funds back up it was time to start replacing apparatus.The 1970 mack tanker was replaced in 1999 by the 1994 International, also in 1999 the 1957 Mack engine was sold to a private collector from Tennessee. This engine was then replaced with the 1965 Kaiser Brush truck. The 1954 Dodge brush truck was added to our fleet in 1992. In 2001 the department started looking for a replacement for the 1969 International.. The engine had served the area for a strong 32 years and needed to be retired. In 2001 the department purchased a used 1991 Pierce Engine from the Spring Fire Department in Texas. The engine was deleivered in the summer of 2001 and placed in service a few weeks later after some instation work. The 1969 was sold to a local mining operation which had also purchased the 1970 Mack. The next vehicle on the chopping block was the 1974 Ford Tanker. After some extensive searching a used chassis at a very good price was found in Ohio in 2004. The vehicle was purchased and painted then sent off to General Tank in Berwick where they built a square tank. This brought about the birth of Sponge Bob Square Tank. The Tanker is the shortest wheelbase tanker around and has no problems turning around anywhere. This was also the first tanker that was an automatic that allowed more members to drive it. A replacement for the American Lafrance was needed next. The department had discussed years prior that when the Engine would be replaced, it would be replaced with some type of aerial device. Being we are so rural and the distance for our truck companies it would be more practical if we had our own. We were also starting to see more larger single family homes built, along with large townhouses. In 2006 we acquired a grant from Jeld-Wen in the amount of $40,000 to put towards an aerial device. The first vehicle we found and offical bought and paid for was a 1992 Pierce 65' telesquirt from a dealer in the Mid-West. However after several delays in attempting to pick it up and excuses after excuses we got our money back prior to taking legal action and purchased the current Ladder 581 from the North End Fire Co in Pottstown for $118,000. This is the 1993 Simon Duplex. This piece of apparatus has been a great resource that we added to our department and has already paid for itself. In August of 2008 we held a mortgage burning for the station. We also paid off the Ladder in 2008, this wouldn't have been possible without the Pennsylvania State Firefighters Grant's. We were finally debt free however that was short lived. In January of 2009 we were awarded a grant from the AFG grant program in the amount of $167,000 to replace the 1954 Dodge Brush Truck. A truck committee was formed and after meeting with several vendors and running into a problem with the first one we picked, the contract was awarded to Pierce Fire apparatus in April of 2009. The committee had speced out  a Vehicle that would be most practical for us. We wanted a vehicle that could be used all year round and not just for brush season. This brought about the purchase of Brush/Engine 583. The vehicle is set up for Wildland and Structural Firefighting along with vehicle rescue capibilities to back up E582. Also with it being four wheel drive it will be the primary response vehicle in the winter. In the summer of 2009 discussions were held about finding a replacement for the 1991 Pierce.Due to the amount of recent repairs and other issues with it, it was decieded to start looking for a replacement.  In June of 2009 a possible replacement was found in Salisbury Maryland, it was a 1995 Pierce Lance with an 8 man cab, 2000GPM, 750 Tank and 35 gallon of class B foam. In June of 09 Deputy Chief Demshock inspected the vehicle and made a recommendation at the following meeting to enter a bid. After a discussion was held a bid was entered in the amount of $68,000. In August we were notifed that we won the bid and the vehicle would be available in September or October of 2009. In October we drove down and picked it up. The vehicle also came with all of the equipment with the exception of the SCBA which we were not aware of until after we entered the bid. The department got a great deal on this Engine! The 1991 was sold to a dealer in West Virgina. Engine 583 was delievered in march of 2010 at a price tag of $330,000 and seen it's first working fire 2 weeks later. To date we operate the 2 Engines, with one being a rescue engine, a 75' Quint, 2 Tankers and 1 Brush truck. Within our 50 square miles of coverage area we protect 7 villages, 5 housing developments with the major one of Eagle Rock which we do cover a large portion of, 9 churches, 1 each of a camp ground, fuel company, mining operation and a host of other businesses. A large portion of Black Creek Twp also falls within the 10 mile EPZ for the Susquehanna Steam Electic Plant.  We also have approx 8 miles of Interstate 80 that cuts threw Black Creek Township however with no access road this area is covered by the Sugarloaf Township Fire Company. Most of there mva incidents take place on this stretcher of highway.

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